UK Shops Criticized for using Casino Marketing to lure in customers
Several top retailers in the United Kingdom are part of an online shopping campaign which allows customers to gamble on their purchases. After receiving tough criticism, many shops may be pulling out of the marketing campaign.

Over one hundred different retailers are part of the marketing plan and they all allow their online shoppers to spin a roulette wheel for a stake of £1 for the item they want to purchases. Shoppers have to open an account at an unlicensed gaming company and then have money in their account to stake on their shopping. Players can look at a catalog of stores that participate which includes: Sainsbury’s, Asda and many more.

Players are wagering to be able to buy the item. If they win the roulette spin then they get the item. If they do not win, then they do not have to buy the item. The Daily Mail was the first to cover this story and they decided to test the scheme out. The company was claiming that 85p of every £1 wagered would be returned to the player. They wagered £162 at the site and the writer at the Daily Mail won only once. The writer was able to conclude that he lost around £15 on each £100 gambled.

Because of many complaints on the marketing tactic many companies are planning on leaving the program. Such stores as Asda, Marks and Spencers, Selfridges, Boots and more are planning on withdrawing from the tactic. Vince Cable a UK Business Secretary commented: “Gambling is quite rightly highly regulated because of the damage it can cause, and it’s clearly unacceptable to blur the boundaries between gambling and retail shopping. I am pleased to hear that responsible retailers are moving away from this.”

- 2012-06-12

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