Teenager robs Rhode Island Casino
Casino goers have to be extra careful when they visit a land casino these days due to a rash of robberies that have erupted across the United States. Times are tough in the US and many people are going to extremes to find extra cash to live off of. The latest robbery in the US took place at the Twin Rivers Casino which is located in Rhode Island.

A nineteen year old man from Cranston visited the casino this past week and decided to steal casino vouchers from casino patrons. Mahler Petty was caught on Wednesday in the early morning hours after he snatched vouchers from two casino patrons.

Security guards at the casino were able to catch Petty after he stole the vouchers. A local news station, WPRI-TV, reported that one customer at the casino was playing a casino game when Petty started hanging around. The player went to cash in his winning voucher and Petty grabbed it from him and took off.

Petty stooped even lower when he snatched a winning voucher from a seventy six year old woman. As security guards tried to stop him, he hit one of the guards in the face. The security guards eventually were able to subdue Petty and he was arrested by police. Petty was then arraigned in court and was charged with robbery and assault.

Petty is now being held without bail because he is a violator of a previous probation. This is just another reason why patrons at casinos need to be wary of their surroundings. Anyone could be watching you and be ready to take your vouchers or money if you leave it out in the open or even on your person. Players should always take extra precautions when visiting a casino, no matter what time of day.

- 2011-06-30

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