Smoke Free NJ Casinos
Last year, New Jersey’s started banning smoking in public places, but there was an exception to this law, casinos. The many players in Atlantic City still had the right to smoke in certain areas of the casinos making them only 75% smoke free.

"New Jerseyans have embraced the Smoke-Free Air Act and are now expressing their desire for a 100 percent smoke-free casino destination, as well as the need to protect the casino workers who are currently forced to work in hazardous conditions," said Dr. George DiFerdinando, chairman of NJBreathes.

According to poll studies more residents of New Jersey would go to the casinos if they were completely smoke- free. 688 registered voters were polled, with only 163 smokers involved in the study. 70 % of those polled are all for banning smoking completely in the casinos.

Michael J. McFaddon, the Mid-Atlantic director for the Citizens Freedom Alliance, believes the poll is biased against smokers and says that good, modern air-filtration systems would be an effective alternative. But he may be fighting a losing battle.

CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts Mark Juliano, believes the designated smoke areas in the casinos are temporary and says, "Obviously it's only a matter of time before all casinos are smoke-free."

- 2007-11-02

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