Casino Waitresses Want New Shoe Options
When one visits the casino one of the must haves is a drink. We all love hitting the casino floor, finding our favorite games and then ordering a cocktail. We look for a waitress and hope we tip her enough that she keeps us in stock with booze for the entire visit. Waitresses are always dressed nice and ready to serve but in Connecticut, a few waitresses are hoping for changes to their wardrobe so they can remain comfortable during working hours.

At the Foxwoods Resorts Casino in the state, waitresses are tired of wearing high heels during work. The women waitresses are suffering from back and feet pain, especially those who have worked the position for years. Chiropractor and podiatrists visits are frequently needed by women waitresses and they now want to be able to wear more comfortable shoes to save their bodies from the wear and tear of the heels.

A union representative is now working with waitresses of the casino to try and fight the ruling that waitresses must wear heels. The casino opened back in 1992 and there are now new requirements for those who want to work in a waitress position. Many feel as though the new requirements are a move to push the older waitresses out and allow room for newer, younger waitresses to come in.

The shoe issue has been a long debate at the casino. Servers have certain options when it comes to physical ailments of the job but many have found that years of service make their bodies suffer and they want the option to remain unscathed. It will be interesting to see how the case develops. Will the waitresses to be able to choose their own footwear or will the casino continue to have the waitresses wear the high heels which help to attract customers.

- 2013-06-12

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