Atlantic City waitresses suing casino
The Resorts Casino Hotel which is located in Atlantic City is currently being sued by several cocktail waitresses after they alleged they were fired over their weight or body type. The waitresses showed up at a photo shoot for a promotional poster and fifteen of the women were fired after they allegedly could not fit into the dresses for the photo shoot.

The women were supposed to wear a 1920’s style flapper dress and all of the women were excited to be dressing up and appearing in the poster for advertisement. However the waitresses were in for a surprise when they were fired after not being able to fit into the dresses.

One waitress, Katharyn Felicia, has worked at the casino for over thirty years and she has been an example employee, even earning employee of the month twice. She was fired as well as fourteen other waitresses when they could not fit the image that the casino was looking for.

The casino stated they were firing the women due to ‘violating uniform standards’. However the waitresses felt like the casino was firing them due to the fact that they were too old or not sexy enough to the casinos standards.

Now, seven of the fifteen waitresses are suing the casino filing age and sex discrimination. The other women are also considering taking a similar form of action. The women who showed up for the photo shoot found that there were only two different dress sizes and the women who could not fit into the dresses were shot from the neck down holding a number which was similar to what a mug
shot would be.

Casino representatives stated that all of the women were evaluated objectively and each were given a fair chance at working at the casino however the judges of the shoot were modeling agents as well as others and they were allegedly not nice and did not care about the waitresses feelings.

- 2011-04-05

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